SIRIAN Black Tourmaline & Bodhi Seed Wrist Mala - Mens


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The SIRIAN Wrist Mala, named after the Sirius Star System is a stretch bracelet, made from 9 genuine Tibetan Bodhi Seeds and Black Tourmaline Crystal beads.  As mala necklaces should be made with 108 Bodhi Seeds, we keep the number of Bodhi Seeds used in this wrist mala in sequence with 108 (which is 9).

Ethically hand-made in Australia.  

Size: each bracelet uses 8mm Black Tourmaline beads, and 8mm - 9mm Bodhi Seeds.  Each wrist mala measures approx 8.5" unstretched.  These bracelets will fit over most hands and wrists for a nice fit.  If you require a longer bracelet, please let us know and we will custom make one for you :)

Our Bodhi Seeds are genuine Tibetan Bodhi Seeds, which have been sourced from Nepal.  Each seed has been polished with Tibetan oil.


Care: while crystals and bodhi seeds are not fragile, we recommend looking after your crystals and bodhi seeds and handle with care.  To get the most of your crystal, we recommend 'charging' and 'cleansing' them in the sun, once per week.  All of our crystals are natural, without the use of dyes and gamma-irradiation (heat to induce colour).  


All natural crystals possess an amazing energy of natural healing and protection.  We recommend having a crystal on you at all times, in your living space, your work space and even under your pillow, while you sleep.


The meaning of Black Tourmaline:  Ancient magicians relied upon Black Tourmaline, known as Schorl, to protect them from earth demons as they cast their spells. Today this stone is still revered as a premier talisman of protection, a psychic shield deflecting and dispelling negative energies, entities, or destructive forces. It guards against radiation and environmental pollutants, and is highly useful in purifying and neutralizing one’s own negative thoughts and internal conflicts, and turning them into positive, usable energy.  

Black Tourmaline is also a powerful grounding stone; electrical in nature, providing a connection between Earth and the human spirit. Its supportive energy aligns the energy centers of the body and channels healing light throughout the system. It promotes a sense of power and self-confidence, allowing for a clearer, more objective view of the world. It is empowering to those who must live or work in challenging environments or when facing difficult circumstances.


The majority of our crystal pendants are handcarved by villagers in India. Within these villages, many of the women (and men) can not work; yet they possess amazing skills. There is no factory, they simply work from their homes. We're primarily focusing on empowering these amazing people. Unlike here, every cent makes a huge difference to their lives.